Candy’s Birthday Cookies are Easy as Pie!

Hey kids, these cookies only have 4 ingredients in them and your folks will love how easy they are to make. There are countless flavors of cake mixes to use, other than the butter flavor I used here. If you cannot find that simply use yellow cake mix and proceed as follows in the recipe.
Polly Motzko

Cooking Up a Storm With Miss Polly





All you need are one Duncan Hines Cake Mix in Butter Cake Flavor
Two large eggs
One third cup canola oil
1 and a half cups semisweet chocolate chips

Mix all in a medium size bowl and then form on a greased cookie sheet or better yet, one with parchment paper…because you don’t even need to grease the sheet!

Bake in a 375 degree oven for 6 minutes and then check every few minutes until done but not over browned.

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What do you want to do when you grow up?

This question has been asked so many times before, but goals are so important to human beings, especially children.

I am going to ask you- What can you picture yourself doing in your mind’s eye- imagine yourself doing that you would love more than anything?


DSC_0113Off the Huntington Beach Pier….taken by Paulette L. Motzko with her Nikon 24 MP DSLR.

I just discovered that I could upload in several sizes like this large size!


purpleflowersinlongbeach4.09Photograph taken in Naples, CA by Paulette L Motzko Photography

I am also going to ask another question, which is:

What qualities do you feel you possess now and what qualities/abilities/talents would you like to have more of?

There are no right and wrong answers here.

I am also not going to have a word count limit either because I want this site to foster communication and THOUGHT and IDEAS that lead to more PRODUCTIVE LIVES and HAPPIER FUTURES.

I had thought about creating this site countless times, but didn’t know how to begin. So, after much thought of the name of the site, which was the most crucial, I simply created it.

Those who judge what they do too much, never accomplish anything worthy because they are always too afraid of what others think, or of failing.

Guess how many failed attempts each inventor had before they created an invention?

The answer to that question is thousands!

I hope you have fun with this writing exercise and I also hope you share your answers with your parents. That will lead to closer family ties as well.

Good luck!

Here is to the future engineers, doctors, scientists, fireman and woman, future presidents, writers, dreamers and the believers and here is to the children of the world-this gift of a web site that I hope fosters thought and communication and believing in your own abilities you were given.

Given with love,

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Writer, Photographer, Marketer, Web Designer, Cook and Food Writer/Lover, Piano Teacher & Composer.