Pretty impressive post to read from Meloney Niblett who is the CEO of and an aspiring blogger.
See what happens when you set your goals high…you reach them!
My mother Ramona, who is now 82 years young, always told me to do the best I can possibly do or don’t do it at all. That is what I have done in life and once you make the most of your God-Given Talents and Abilities, you too, will accomplish anything you “set your mind to do!”
Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Children Are Our Future Now!



1. a retained mental impression; memory.
2. the act or fact of remembering.
3. the power or faculty of remembering.
4. the length of time over which recollection or memory extends.
5. the state of being remembered; commemoration: to hold someone’s name in remembrance.
( definition)
On this very day 12 years ago, a single event shook the world. A lot can be said, has been said & will continue to be said I’m sure as the pages of history continue to be written. Our hearts and prayers will always be broken with the memory of those who lost their lives and those who were separated from their loved ones.
And yet even in great loss, came great resolve from the heroes and heroines who gave their all to help on that tragic day. As we take a moment to remember, there is much to be learned from that day….
One thing is, unfortunately, we don’t and never will be able to predict the future. None of us know what will happen next in our lives &…

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