Decorated Pumpkin

Mrs Blythin Makes

I bought a pumpkin.

The children wanted me to carve a scary  face.


I thought we could make it a little more interesting.

Lu had found some fab superhero wrapping paper which I had used to line The Bo’s upcycled desk drawers. I thought we could give our pumpkin a comic book style makeover.

The children tore up the paper into little pieces and I painted the pumpkin with a mix of PVA and water. And then we got sticking.


Once it was dry,  I carved out a scary face and popped in  some tea lights.

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Fake away – puff pastry pizza

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I haven’t done a recipe post for a whole, so I wanted to blog about one of our favourites for our Friday not film night. On a Friday I do an easier tea – usually something like hot dogs or pizza. But. Hate buying the frozen pizzas as they’re so unhealthy, and so i make my own. It’s still not healthy (or anywhere near!) but it does have a load of veg hidden in the sauce and in the topping which balances it out a bit at least.

I buy a puff pastry block of pastry (they’re roughly £1.25 and can make two pizzas. Or if you’re really lazy the ready to roll puff pastry makes less, but is easy to just unroll on a baking tray and top. Puff pastry can also be frozen, so if you have too much just cut the block up and freeze the extra…

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What Kiddos Say…

middle of my story

This past weekend, my daughter had our beads out to make some bracelet gifts for two of her sweet friends’ birthdays. As she began mixing and matching beads, trying this pattern with that color, or trading a Swarovski bicone with a pearl, I began to play, too. I found a pattern of pearl beads in various sizes and colors of pale green, coral, and cream, adding them one at a time to a sturdy strand of wire. I crimped the clasp on, and eventually placed it on the counter in my bathroom, where one of my twins found it Sunday evening.

With surprise, he queried, “Are these real?”

“No. They are just acrylic beads covered to look like pearls.”

“Well, if they were real, you would be rich!”

I thought for a moment, as I have been pondering the true value of worldly wealth and possessions as of late…

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Carving a pumpkin this week? Read these books while you carve…

Suzanne Shares

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When our first son was born and Halloween rolled around, we weren’t sure what to do. Is it a pagan holiday? Were we teaching our son to worship satan? Couldn’t we just celebrate Reformation Day instead? We were torn and had no idea what to do. We got by with making no decision the first couple of years of his life because he was so young. However, as our boys got older and fell in love with costumes of all kinds, we let them wear costumes they already had and headed to the local Trunk or Treat near our home. At that point in my life, I had read Treasuring God in Our Traditions a few years prior and was searching for a way to redeem the holiday. I had found ways to redeem Thanksgiving and Christmas, so why not Halloween?

If you haven’t noticed already, we’re a great…

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