7 Hobbies to Do With Your Kids

Pittsburgh Brown Mamas


Now, who said Black people don’t have hobbies.  Getting a few family hobbies for my kids and hubby have created some of our most memorable family moments.  In addition, hobbies give your kids superior knowledge on a specific subject and often are a very cost effective way to provide family entertainment.  So here’s my list of family friendly hobbies.

blackbarbieStart a Collection: From stamps, to model cars, Barbies and sports memorabilia, starting a family collection is a great way to expand your kids mind and give them something to brag about to their friends.  In addition, most collectors items can start off very cheap.  You can often find memorabilia and keepsakes at second-hand stores.

Gardening: When the weather is warm, gardening is a great hobby for mommys to do with their kids.  In addition to being relaxing and therapeutic, gardening gives your kid the real-life skill of knowing how to…

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