Endless Reprieve: A Rondeau and Challenge


Endless Reprieve

If I were a cat, I do not believe
That there would be any reason to grieve.
Unfortunately, a cat I am not,
But maybe it’s something that can be taught:
To live with the poise of endless reprieve.

I love how they purr and gracefully weave,
The way that their speech will never deceive,
And boxes would always make a great spot,
If I were a cat.

Life can be simple, though hard to perceive
When so many things are tugging your sleeve,
But this can be learned when actively sought,
A balance between true living and thought,
And there are some things I’d never achieve
If I were a cat.

The Challenge

Instructions on writing a rondeau:

  1. There are 15 lines with 3 stanzas:
    • A quintet with 5 lines,
    • A quatrain with 4 lines,
    • And a sestet with 6 lines.
  2. This is the rhyme scheme:
    • aabbaaa

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