How I Saved My Stalker

Essentialist and Wannabesaint

orange-kitten-1600x1200-red-hat-wallpaper-1366x768Ever been stalked by a kitten? I have! A few weeks ago, while taking the Husky for a walk/run, there was an orange kitten that came out of nowhere to start meowing and running (as best as a small furball can run) after me. As soon as I saw the little guy I knew there was going to be trouble. Our Husky does not like anything small and furry. It has taken out its fair share of groundhogs, squirrels, cats, birds, mice and a horse one time! Both of our dogs are indoor pets so there was no way I could bring it home.

When this kitten started after us I began running away. Had to be a funny sight, a grown man, a 60 pound dog dashing away from an eight inch tall Garfield wannabe. At first the Husky thought we were playing so he ran and didn’t look back…

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