I’ll Give You Parenting Advice for Free – As Long as You Promise Not to Hold it Against me When Your Children Act Like Mine

Late Nights and Little People

Today on Facebook one of my friends, who I haven’t actually seen since we were children but who I’ve genuinely enjoyed stalking following on the Internet as an adult, posted a child raising question that had a profound effect on me as a mother.  It was a very sincere (and legitimate) question about how to encourage her daughter to dress herself in the morning before school.

This friend received multiple comments containing excellent suggestions ranging from sticker charts, to self-regulation, to allowing her little girl to go to school in her pajamas so she could learn for herself how unpleasant the experience could be….

…And all I could think was that last week I brought June to school and forgot to put her pants on, and I didn’t even notice until we were actually walking into the school.

Also, the week before last, my husband and I spent like 25…

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