Fake away – puff pastry pizza

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I haven’t done a recipe post for a whole, so I wanted to blog about one of our favourites for our Friday not film night. On a Friday I do an easier tea – usually something like hot dogs or pizza. But. Hate buying the frozen pizzas as they’re so unhealthy, and so i make my own. It’s still not healthy (or anywhere near!) but it does have a load of veg hidden in the sauce and in the topping which balances it out a bit at least.

I buy a puff pastry block of pastry (they’re roughly £1.25 and can make two pizzas. Or if you’re really lazy the ready to roll puff pastry makes less, but is easy to just unroll on a baking tray and top. Puff pastry can also be frozen, so if you have too much just cut the block up and freeze the extra…

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