Holiday shopping steals family time


Melissa Taylor
Copy Chief

Fall: a part of the year when spending time with family is the common theme. It’s a time where people go around the dinner table saying what they’re most thankful for. It’s an occasion where kids make little turkeys with their hands and the house reeks of spices and flavorful dishes. It’s also a time when people whip out their wallets and coupon books and shop at absurd hours thanks to Black Friday.

It’s no surprise that the typical traditions of family gatherings start at the dinner table on Thanksgiving, but they often end up the next morning before the sun rises in the lengthy lines of the mall, Walmart, Best Buy, and other spots offering deals that are hard to pass up. Crowds line up between the hours of 3 a.m. – 5 a.m. typically for the best doorbusters.

Lately, the prime sale time keeps…

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The Kindness Bag and The Gift of Giving

Melissa Purcell

download“Do you have some change you can spare? ” A question coming from the young man sitting on the sidewalk outside of Walgreens.  William and Bella went into the store with me to pick up some medicine for Liam who was not feeling well.  We ran out forgetting about the young man sitting outside the door.  Rushed, it had been a long day, out the door we passed the same young man: “do you have some change to spare?”  I looked into my purse as my kids watched me. I gave him what I had.  William went to the car where my Mom had been waiting. My Mom and I had been to an activity recently where we put together some kindness bags for those who we might pass on the street who are asking for money or help.  I had seen the bags in the car on several occasions…

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He is like a fish in water and I am like a fish out of water

The Great Mombie

So far this was a week of “firsties”.  Apart from the first Dentist appointment, Dewald also started with his first swimming lessons.  As I watched the kiddies bonding with Zahn, I noticed how they all have grown to be real toddlers.  Remember that some of us were first time mommies together.  These toddlers are now busy with little people things and I can`t help but to feel excited about Dewald learning new skills and expanding his vision.  On the other hand I am also sad thinking of my little boy growing up.  After his swimming lesson I felt worthy and needed, it felt like I really played a very important role in his life.  I know I do, but it just became more true with the swimming.  I am now driving my mommy car to and from all of his activities and I can`t help but to feel that I…

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