The Kindness Bag and The Gift of Giving

Melissa Purcell

download“Do you have some change you can spare? ” A question coming from the young man sitting on the sidewalk outside of Walgreens.  William and Bella went into the store with me to pick up some medicine for Liam who was not feeling well.  We ran out forgetting about the young man sitting outside the door.  Rushed, it had been a long day, out the door we passed the same young man: “do you have some change to spare?”  I looked into my purse as my kids watched me. I gave him what I had.  William went to the car where my Mom had been waiting. My Mom and I had been to an activity recently where we put together some kindness bags for those who we might pass on the street who are asking for money or help.  I had seen the bags in the car on several occasions…

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