On Planning the Night Before


Children Reflect Like A Mirror Who They’re Around

This is a cinquain poem that consists of 22 syllables and is about how impressionable children are and how they have all the potential in the world. It is up to the parents to instill in them values and integrity and teach them right from wrong so they, in turn, can pass that legacy on to their children.

Young child

Innocent One

Depending on Parents

Learning, Growing and Becoming

Full Grown


Kids Save the Planet

Cooking Magic for Kids


Kids can save the planet by growing food in their organic backyard garden, community garden, or patio containers. Gardening makes kids happy and they enjoy eating what they have grown. There has been a surge in the popularity of growing food in the backyard or at a community garden, for financial reasons, environmental concerns, and the yearning for delicious food. Kids can grow food in pots, where the plants like the sheltered microclimates, sun traps, and favorite potting mix. Container plants create a striking feature on a deck or by the front door. School gardens have made a tremendous impact on the students that have participated, and more schools are establishing gardens and kitchen curriculums every year. Summer vacations from school were originally intended for kids to help with the farming during the busy growing season. Working in the garden gives kids physical activity, an understanding and respect for food…

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Descanso Gardens


What an amazing place to take your kids. Seriously. It’s a place where you don’t always have to say “no” or “don’t do that” constantly to your children. They can run around, free and wild, on acres and acres of beautiful land. Some have gardens, some are rural, some are just wide open spaces with trees. You will find mazes, koi ponds, fountains and streams. Bring a lunch and lay on the grass and relax. If you forget lunch they have a wonderful cafe with outdoor seating. This place is so close by to the Los Angeles residents that it is now a favorite in our family. It took us 17 minutes to get

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Save the Children

Focus Mediation blog

When couples separate, children are often caught in the cross-fire. When contact is stopped as a weapon, children can suffer too. If they are additionally saying different things to each parent, they feel the need to appease and comply and have learned what they feel and want doesn’t matter. This is not a good outcome for children.  Court applications are up between 27% to over double in some courts since this time last year. Meanwhile, family mediation – for which legal aid is still available – has fallen off a cliff. Why? It’s been shown again and again it produces better outcomes for children and families. The Court is getting us to mediate at Court with two other mediation services on the First Appointment of these Children Act Applications.  It would have been better and cheaper to mediate before proceedings are issued, as is required by the pre action…

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