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Karen Alma

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a blogging class for kids for a while. I homeschool my kids and for some reason it is so hard for me to get my kids blogging. I suppose it’s the old shoemakers kids scenario. Finally, I decided the best way to get them blogging would be to offer a class to my homeschool group. Committing to working with the children of my friends would mean my kids could ride along.

After talking about it and talking about it, we finally did it. Last week, I had six kiddos in my house, sitting around the dining room table: taxing my wifi, setting up blogs and publishing their first post and second and third in some cases). In case anyone is interested in replicating this experiment, here’s how it goes:


  • laptop or device per child
  • accounts for each child – we…

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From the Children’s Book List Archive From Blogging For A Good Book

Here is the link to the Children’s Book Archive on a new blog I discovered on the reader on WordPress this evening. I hope it adds new books that you and your children can take time to read together.

My mom taught me to read when I was 4 years old and she read to me and then I read to her. What words I couldn’t sound out using phonetics (that she taught me), Mom told me and then I learned them. Then the next time I ran on to them-I knew them.

Kids will repeat whatever you say in front of them and whatever they hear like a recorder. So please parents and others reading this-WATCH AND THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY AROUND THEM!

Children are innocent, wonderful beings so full of life with so much promise and should be encouraged and shown the way of integrity, kindness and compassion. That is what my mom Ramona Lea did who is now 82 years old. God bless you mom!


Paulette Le Pore Motzko

February 8th, 2014

1:36 a.m.


Aquatic Therapy benefits and resources for autism or special needs



How does your child with autism or special need feel about water? Are they motivated by activities in the water? I wonder if he or she would enjoy aquatic therapy. Just a side note, I was inspired to write about aquatic therapy from Instagram. I came across a user who mentioned this in their post. So thank you to that user for inspiration 🙂

Aquatic therapy has many benefits for children with special needs. It can strengthen weak and tight muscles and increase body awareness. It can help with breath support, achieve gross motor skills, and increase play and social interaction. I learned some physical and occupational therapists might use the water to assist in improving function in their patients. Here are some helpful articles where you can read more about the benefits:

6 Ways Aquatic Therapy Can Help Your Child

The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy for Special Needs Children

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How to Plan for Preschool for Your Baby

Baby Toys

baby toys, baby gifts, lamaze baby toys, lamaze toysCan you just remember how your school days were? Most of us will answer that they had experienced their best time during their school life. We could not bring back those happy moments in our life again but can witness the same smiling on our baby’s face. If your toddler is ready to attend preschool then you have to prepare a much for his schooling. Before school, your baby may have daycare experience which will help him in adjusting in a new schedule and place.

Mostly in early days, learning at preschool should not be a chore and the parents or teachers need to control their expectations. The schedule, atmosphere and the teachers of preschool and primary are different to each other. All of them have separate goals and course of action to educate your child.

The parents should go for the following stuffs before putting their babies into a…

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Listening activates the part of our brains hardwired for empathy.

Totally Inspired Mind

This quote comes from Dr. Stephen Post who wrote a fabulous book entitled “Why Good Things Happen To Good People.” He wrote it with Jill Neimark and it explores the real, scientific evidence that explains how being a giving altruistic person has direct physiological effects on your body, mind and spirit.


This ties into a field that has fascinated me for years called psychoneuroimmunology and explores how we are interconnected beings of our minds-psyche, brains-neuro, and our immunological systems.

It is a truly fascinating topic you should explore some time.

About listening though, according to Dr. Post:

“The future of our world may literally depend on listening, and it starts at home. Attentive presence plays a large role in a young child’s life. Scientific research has shown again and again that a playing baby looks back at the mother to be sure she is still present. That kind of presence…

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