Listening activates the part of our brains hardwired for empathy.

Totally Inspired Mind

This quote comes from Dr. Stephen Post who wrote a fabulous book entitled “Why Good Things Happen To Good People.” He wrote it with Jill Neimark and it explores the real, scientific evidence that explains how being a giving altruistic person has direct physiological effects on your body, mind and spirit.


This ties into a field that has fascinated me for years called psychoneuroimmunology and explores how we are interconnected beings of our minds-psyche, brains-neuro, and our immunological systems.

It is a truly fascinating topic you should explore some time.

About listening though, according to Dr. Post:

“The future of our world may literally depend on listening, and it starts at home. Attentive presence plays a large role in a young child’s life. Scientific research has shown again and again that a playing baby looks back at the mother to be sure she is still present. That kind of presence…

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