on a red wagon

Here is a beautiful but very tragic story about the loss of her son by a new found friend of mine Dieva Marina. If any of you parents out there could give her words of solace and comfort, that would be greatly appreciated.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko



Sun-bleached now the red wood paint, the Radio Flyer has been towed around the world for 26 years.

My friend’s children the last to ride and mostly now with pot plants to be moved or just to fill a sacred space in my backyard — a space seen from my window, a glimpse each day of the child that he was.

This wagon, sent as a flat pack from the Midwest to the North of Italy on the occasion of his 2nd birthday, my son.

An American icon in Italy, the Radio Flyer, with wood-slatted sides for removal and bumping down a steep hill with legs splayed and the toddler in between — rare moments of abandon with uncertain wheels on the rutted and hardened earth of a hillside in urban Venteto.

And to the market the wagon would take us with only the boy at first, but on return the boy and…

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