Listen to Children’s Words (Jonathan’s Story)

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There are times when I wonder what this world I coming to, and tonight was one of those times. Here I am sitting in the dining area at Target and I saw Jonathan walk inside and ask four different people the same question. (I could tell by the words he spoke-and the shape of his mouth when he said the words. It looked like he just wanted to borrow someone’s phone to make a call.)

Now Jonathan is a sweet fourteen year old kid who was selling Helen Grace candy bars at $4 each to help raise money for The Boys and Girls Club. I love the Boys and Girls Club and the good they do for children teaching teamsmanship, responsibility and raising money for helping keep kids in the inner city areas away from drugs and off the streets and instead active.. Those are good things.

If the four…

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Snippets of Easter












My childhood memories of Easter were always so sweet. The night before my Mom would roll my hair in fluffy pink rollers so that by morning I’d have bouncy curls to top a soft eyelet dress. Easter mornings were always sun-drenched, and it was a big deal to scavenge the dew dropped yard for our baskets, an even bigger deal when we’d hear the peep of small chicks letting us know that we were getting closer. I didn’t care about the chocolate at all when I could snuggle a (live) yellow chick instead. And then there was church- the smell of the sanctuary in the morning, everyone wearing their conservative Easter Sunday’s best. The special hymnals that were sung, crushed velvet banners with the words “He is Risen!” that swayed from the balcony above. Knowing that after church we’d get to see all of our cousins, eat honey baked ham…

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Proud gap-toothed girlie!

Zondervan Authors in the News

Right in the middle of dinner, Juli lost her first baby-tooth. She’d been worrying and agonizing over it for days. I half-expected she would fly into a panic when it happened. Instead, she lit up like a firefly with the biggest, happiest, proudest smile I’ve seen on her since Christmas. She was so excited, she ran around the table showing off not only her newly expelled tooth, but also her new grin.

Grandma, meanwhile, tried to avert her eyes. Blood at the dinner table, it seems, belongs mainly on grandpa’s steaks.

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Thank You For Your Prayers For a Miraculous Recovery For Paulette Motzko’s Wrist & Hand


Image by J.J.

I had my long awaited doctor appointment with my orthopedic specialist Dr. John P. Kelly, M.D.

Everyone in his office was ultra friendly and kind which gave me a “good vibe”. When Dr. Kelly walked in and stood up and shook his hand with my right hand. He saw the long fiberglass cast covering my fingers on my left hand and said, “You poor thing and gave had new ex rays taken showing what I hoped would show my ulna bone in my wrist and the radial bone repairing itself beautifully…

After he blew the image up, using a pointer I couldn’t see any fractures at all! That right there was like lifting a lead weight off my back I had drug around for weeks. He also said the words I was praying for “Absolutely not-you will not need surgery! Just two more weeks and I want to see you back.

Then, because he has a cool office with compassionate, intelligent staff; I got my choice of colors of my cast! What color do you think I chose? Hot pink to match my lipstick.

So, I thought I would tell all of you who have been asking every other day how I am doing and feeling-

Eddie, Amreen, Ben, Maria Lourdes, Don C., Matt, Mike D., Abdul, Gina G., Angela K., and many more.

I have been using visualization exercises I created visualizing the absolute worst case fractures healing themselves in time lapse photography in my mind and visualizing my hand STRONG, FLEXIBLE, and praying God would ALLOW ME TO GIVE GIFTS BACK TO THE EARTH IN MUSIC, WRITTEN WORDS, HEALTHY AND DELICIOUS DISHES AND HELPING THE DEAF USING SIGN LANGUAGE,,,,,ALL OF WHICH NEED MY LEFT AND RIGHT HANDS WORKING IN UNISON.


So, Thank You to my dear friends and adopted family all over the world,


Pauette Le Pore Motzko


Miss Polly’s Easy Healthy Breakfast Parfait


How would you like a recipe that is so easy that your 7 year old child can make it and you can be free to do other things while you child learns how to “cook” something for your family?

Breakfast Parfaits come to the rescue here…..

Just get a parfait glass (looks prettier), but you can do it with a bowl.

Put some Greek yogurt or flavored peach yogurt or strawberry yogurt on the bottom of the bowl and add your favorite flavor of granola (lowfat or regular).

Trader Joe’s is full of all kinds of flavors of granola and so is Whole Foods Market,

Experiment around and try different flavors, There is no wrong to do this!

Then add fresh fruit to the top: bananas-full of potassium, strawberries, raspberries and a drizzling of orange flower honey for good measure.

Enjoy your family and be thankful for each delicious bite.

This is so much better for you than eggs and greasy bacon or sausage.

I hope you like it!

Polly Motzko

April 10th, 2014

8:20 p.m.


Just Look Up…We Are Both Under The Same Starry Sky

Just Look Up...We Are Both Under The Same Starry Sky

I found this image on Facebook in the Fall season of 2010. The creator is unknown.

I felt this encapsulated the idea of having a loved one or friend who lives far away from you, but close to you in spirit.

Do you have a good friend who is like family who lives far from away from you?


Tell about him or her and why they are special to you…..


Do they live far from you?


What keeps you together even though live far from each other?

Paulette Le Pore Motzko

April 10th, 2014

7:55 a.m.


Thank You Don Charisma Nominating Children Are Our Futrure Now For The Butterfly Light Award


It is always heartwarming and gives me a sense of accomplishing something beyond monetary means when getting an award from a fellow writer, blogger and great photographer like Don Charisma. It makes me feel great to know I was considered for two of these awards for both Children Are Our Future Now & Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate.

“Light” is another way of saying enlightenment or education/knowledge. I was aiming for that with ChildrenAreOurFutureNow, by showing positive alternatives families can do together, educating parents with disabled children what they can do, and showing how the most simple things are often the best.

I don’t know what the questions are to answer yet but I will fill in the Q’s and A’s waiting to be filled in by me,









My Nominations For The Butterfly Light Award