Volunteer request

I am not in the area to volunteer, but I can certainly use my web site ChildrenAreOurFutureHow.wordpress.com to tell others about it. You are an awesome person to do something like this. I never had children but love them.
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Circus Elephant Be Free!

Heart Chains project:Benefits Westmead Children Hospital, Heart Centre.



An opportunity to volunteer your time: 

In 2010 I created a simple heart chain to raise money for the ward at the Heart Centre, Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney. The project has continued since then raising well over $3,000 in the 3 years that it ran. Now that I am not working as a nurse on the ward, I would like assistance in keeping the project going, as it is such a worthy cause.

The project is to benefit the nurses and the families on the ward. The money raised from $10 chains is focused to the needs of the ward. Some of the achievements of heart chains are contributing to the purchase of heart monitors for the children.

So this post is to request a volunteer to: 1. hole punch the holes in the above cards so we…

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