Forming Good Habits: Studying


Finals are the bane of every student’s existence. Even though I am going on to become a teacher, I still recognize the pain of having to study for something, even when that something is a subject you enjoy. There’s the worrying about how well you will do, the need for just 1 more hour, and the seemingly endless hunt for cheap sources of caffeine. The act of studying is not something I think that everyone should necessarily enjoy, but there are way to ensure you get the most out of it.

I think that there is one major reason why I did well in high school. I figured out the system. In any one of my classes, I tried to get inside my teachers head and think about what they were most likely to put on a test. Then I would do the minimum amount of work I needed to…

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Joy & Blessings in Haiti

How wonderful this must have been. We are all the same though our skins are a different color. Some of my best friends are Afro American now in Las Vegas, NV. I treat everybody the same.
I wish more people did.
Paulette L Motzko

The Bridge

The first time I went to Haiti, I was on a spiritual and emotional high the whole time.  I was not sure what to expect this time, but I had a feeling it might not be the same mountain top experience it had been the first time.  I struggled a lot during this trip with discouragement- questioning whether this little program is really doing any good.  I was very tired during most of the trip and I  just plain missed my family.  Ten days was a long time to be away from my husband & youngest son.   I also saw many things that just broke my heart.  I witnessed and experienced the spiritual battle in Haiti.  I was and am abundantly thankful for all those who prayed for me and for this trip.  I felt God’s protection surrounding me.

Despite the struggles I experienced, it was really a great trip, filled with…

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The Love of a Child by J.M. Lysun (Original Haiku)

I recently “met” J.M. on, where I am the creator of several award winning blogs. I reblogged his post about kindness and loved how he made it so easy and accessable for people to make that difference.

I hear the Las Vegas wind whirling outside and thunderstorms are predicted, so my original plans of taking the bus to pick up some things from the store might be changed.

J.M.’s blog is insightful and showed great wisdom and was written with precision, carving each word as though it were alabaster or marble as Michelangelo transformed stone into a statue. (That is an image I created and wrote about in an Honors English assignment in high school at Garden Grove High years ago. I was asked to write about what writing meant to me.)

J.M. has written a children’s book and has many other projects in the works that I look forward to staying abreast of.

I asked him to write a Haiku for The Haiku Train on Totally Inspired Mind: Where Positive Minds Congregate…and so he did.

I loved it so much I wanted to share it here.

Easily forgiven
The love of a child
Against the storm of tantrums
Will always prevail


Used with permission Haiku By J.M. Lysun
Photography & Digital Photo Editing by Paulette L Motzko
Written by Paulette L Motzko
Copyright July 8th, 2014

He’s gonna fly!

b IMG_5964“There are two gifts we should give our children: One is roots, the other is wings.”

I thought sending him off to camp would be tear-filled, lots of goodbye hugs and having to pull him off me to get him to his troop…nope! I was the weepy one trying to hang on, he was ready to fly!  Adventures await my boy! But I’m counting down until you get home…

b IMG_5960b IMG_5962

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