Tolerance, love, live…kids, our teachers



Ten ways to love…a lover, a friend, a child, a colleage, the world…

1. Listen without interrupting
2. Speak without accusing.
3. Give without sparing.
4. Pray without ceasing.
5. Answer without arguing.
6. Share without pretending.
7. Enjoy without complaint.
8. Trust without wavering
9. Forgive without punishing.
10. Promise without forgetting.


We are living in an increasingly diverse society.  If u haven’t had much exposure to people different from u, u might be having a different mindset.

Kids are way ahead of  parents regarding exposure to cultural or religous differences. Whether it be in school, their sports, friend circles, etc,  they are ahead.
We still have to help preparing our kids in: to love, handling rejection, to live, to learn, to understand and to work,etc..
Teaching our kids tolerance is teaching them to be open to differences, which will lead to having more opportunities in education, business, and…

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The Fabulous Emma | “Your Story” mini portraits | Tuscarawas county photographer

Barbara Jo Photography

I did a session a few weeks ago with this young lady’s family– some very special friends of ours. Emma was a little stiff, trying too hard with her smiles and just not being that full-of-life bundle we know. Her mom and I got to talking and decided that we were going to do a “Your Story” mini portrait shoot, letting her just be herself. I brought my daughter along (I will share some of the photos of the two of them in a later post) to help relax the mood, and Emma styled herself. I love my meadows and fields and all, but I am pretty crazy about some urban flair as well! This alley is one of my favorite places to photograph! Emma rocked it as we knew she would!







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International Literacy Day – A future full of hope

Gill's Blog

Today here in Hertfordshire is a sparkling autumn day with the sculptures at the Henry Moore Foundation gleaming in the sun – a day full of hope. Today, 8th September is International Literacy Day. . Did you know 64% of the world’s 897 million illiterate people are female?

Gender equality is one of the most effective ways to fight extreme poverty and build healthier, wealthier, and more educated communities.

Studies show that women reinvest up to 90 % of their incomes back into their families, compared to just 30-40 % by men. Mothers provide better nutrition and health care and spend more on their children. Investing in women and girls creates long-term social and economic benefits for all individuals, their communities, and the world as a whole.

Educating girls can save millions of lives. There are few more dramatic illustrations of the power of education than the estimate that the lives of…

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Kids Rarely Had Allergies in the Old Days*

Hwaairfan's Blog

Kids Rarely Had Allergies in the Old Days*

By Granny Spear

I watched a programme a couple of weeks ago, about allergies. I didn’t really want to watch it, but we were visiting Delores and her lot and she “simply had to see it’ Pah…Delores always has to ‘simply have’ something or other!

Anyway, it turned out to be quite interesting, and to be honest it backed up a good deal of what us old ‘uns tell the young ‘uns all the time…kids need to get dirty.

Since all the electronics came to be kids don’t seem to get out and play even a fraction as much as they used to. The sit indoors when they should be out running around with a football or climbing trees or playing with the dog. In the winter they sit in short sleeved shirts with the central heating blasting…it’s expensive and it’s…

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