Check Out Your Local Libraries and Malls For Safe Halloween Activities

Look on your smart phone on a free app called SCOUT in the COMMUNITY section under LIBRARIES. (|t is an awesome free app I discovered this year after moving to Nevada.)

Make note and save the locations of all your major libraries and go in to the information desk. Usually every librarian waits all day long for someone they can tell about all the activities and programs they offer.


Most hand out candy for free and it -the ones in CA did, I don’t know about NV or your area. Check now since Boo Day is a week away.

That way, your kids can still dress in their costumes but you don’t have to worry about tainted candy and razor blades being put in their candy, and it is way safer.

Many malls are handing out candy too. Check in your area.

Paulette L Motzko
Sunday, Oct 26, 2014

9:00 a.m.

The image is from the app called Zedge. By clicking on the image and hitting “save to device” you can have it be a wallpaper for your smart phone on display then home screen.

My Halloween gift to you!


Just a typical Sunday afternoon

Erin Cairns Photography

One of my favorite sessions is a lifestyle session at a family’s home.  I get to go to them, where they are most comfortable, capturing them doing all the things they love the most.  Our lives are constantly changing, and as parents, we know that our kids grow up so fast.  We hear constantly to enjoy each stage our kids are in, but when life is so hectic and busy, it’s hard to slow down and simply cherish those memories.  I always think that I won’t forget those amazing moments with my kids, but a year a two later, I realize that those memories seem hazy and I wish I had taken the time to write it down.  That’s why I feel that the lifestyle sessions are so important.  It captures each family in that moment, freezing those precious memories in time.  You may not always live in that home…

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Raising Compassionate, Thoughtful Kids

Chittenden Caregivers Connection

It’s never too early to teach children to treat others with respect and to model compassion and thoughtfulness through our own behavior. Now that my kids are six and eight, I am looking for more tangible ways for them to understand the cause and effect of their actions.

I borrowed an idea from a friend, who started a Good Deed Jar with her kids. In my family, we call it the Giving Jar, agiving jarnd we use small slips of paper to record the ways that all of us give to others during the day, in words or pictures. We have kept at it for over a year now, and I can honestly say this simple activity has been an eye opener for our family.

Filling up the Giving Jar, allows the whole family to see the kindness we are all putting out into the world. We have…

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