Stars in My Night Sky (Happy Birthday Mom!)

Totally Inspired Mind

Stars in My Night Sky

By Paulette Le Pore Motzko

June 19th, 2015

I am finding that when I ask God for joy, I get just that. The Joy could be in the bloom of a new summer flower that wasn’t present before, or something wonderful a friend said or a follower of one of my many blogs.

It is 12:27 midnight and here I am at The Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Boca Park, NV. I just finished the 20th in a series of twenty 300- SEO web contents for a company I was contracted to write for as part of a huge SEO marketing plan.



Two photos my friend John Erazo took of me at The Grand Cafe….that I did some photo enhancements to. He is one cool young man…and from southern California too.

I am so elated because it was a learning experience…

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Encourage Originality and Uniqueness Teach Leadership Skills at an Early Age by Paulette Le Pore Motzko

Totally Inspired Mind

It isn’t the smartest person that succeeds or the strongest or the most popular or the one with the most money, but the one who adapts to life’s events the best. Change is what is known in life, and all is absolute.


Everyone has something wrong with them they aren’t sharing.

There is always something every human doesn’t reveal to the world that they hide, but everyone has flaws or some kind of “disability”.

Maybe that disability isn’t a physical one, but a mental one, or an addiction or some dark secret they won’t tell.

Those who shine and sparkle keep working diligently with the tools they possess and keep working for bigger and better tools of their trade and then they use those when they can afford them. Those invincible, courageous people don’t follow the norm. They branch out and do something they know is incredible by studying what…

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