10 Things My Tatay Taught Me That My Nanay Did Not

The Stars, Goodnight

If you ask me about my father, I’d probably say he was an engineer and he died when I was in my second year high school. But you know what? I have different stories to tell about him, just like the things he has taught me.

My Nanay taught me how to read. Starting from that A Ba Ka Da book you see at the market or book stores. The cheap ones that have thin covers, yellow, with two kids, a boy and a girl, reading. Our reading lessons were always during the afternoon. I remember it clearly. I learned how to read the word phoenix and exhibit when I was five. My Tatay did not teach me those. My Nanay did. And though my Tatay was an engineer, he never taught me how to count. I don’t remember he did those things but he did teach me some.


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