Community grapples with grief after deadly bus accident

Community grapples with grief after deadly bus accident.

By Paulette Motzko:

If this guy crashed two school buses, why is he still working as a bus driver? For the love of God, we wonder why there’s so many tragedies and fatalities in the world . It seems that nobody’s accountable for anything  they do. 

If I was one of the parents in the community I would be outraged and I would want to see that that guy is fired and be monetarily compensated for their stupidity and letting the guy continue to be a bus driver.

– After all if you jeopardize the safety of people you shouldn’t be driving! Once should have been enough for this company. Perfect driving record is what the bus driver should have, and nothing short of that.

The sweet, innocent children shouldn’t have died because of somebody else’s negligence.  

The bus company should take accountability for this atrocity  and take proactive action and apologise to all the parents as well.

(No amount of money will never bring their children, back but with a class action suit from all the parents, it will set a precedent. 

The best company obviously needs to raise their standards of the kind of people they hire to sit behind that wheel.

I’m not a lawyer but let’s just say I had a hell of a time with my ex-husband, who didn’t pay me alimony or two and a half years even though I was married 15 years!

Paulette L Motzko


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