Do seat belts make school buses safer?

Do seat belts make school buses safer?

I say absolutely they do!

I know I never get in the car without putting a seatbelt on because it’s not so much for the driver is it’s all the people who are on the road with you. Here in Las Vegas Nevada there’s such a high incidence of people on drugs Kama addicted to things like alcohol and other substances, that they very rarely watch the road. You’re lucky if they can drive and not be under the influence of something seriously. I’ve been to Dina Titus the head of Transportation in this town and she didn’t seem to care about anything. She didn’t seem to care that I had Paratransit for over 20 years and Southern California and here I was turned down saying wasn’t disabled enough either. But back to the point, I think absolutely everybody should be equipped with seat belts. I’m not a parent but if I were, I would want to ensure the safety of my child.

What is your opinion on this?

Paulette Motzko


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