Baby talk helps infants learn language

Baby talk helps infants learn language

 I will add to this very good article:

 Make sure and speak real words to your child, and don’t use garbage words that make no sense. The reason being is because the child will repeat everything you say. If you want the child repeating garbage that’s what you’ll have! 

Teach the child how to read and an early age, and read books to the child before they know how to read it all.

Teach the child the meaning of prefixes and suffixes of words, and make time as a family to read together.

 When you do that, you’re  openin up the world to your child. Knowledge and Powers  just like handing a torch  that’s lit . Once a child understands the meaning of things , it shows the possibilities are endless. Aside from love and encouragement, my parents made learning a game. There was never a time when a question was considered stupid around our house. I thank them now in heaven every day for the everlasting gifts they gave me.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko


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