Schools Across the U.S. are Teaching Kids to Fight Fake News: CNN News

Schools across the US are teaching kids to fight fake news

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What mountain would you like to move? Nothing is too great if you have passion and are motivated. 

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March 18th 2017 12:34 p.m.

Is there something that other people have told you is impossible but you know it’s not?

Is there a goal that you would like to achieve?

What are some of the big goals or “mountains” you want to climb?

Anyone can answer these questions no matter what age. Remember that passion is the driving force the propels you forward like the jet engine of a rocket, towards your goals.

Thank You, Sergeant Curran, Our Pen-Pal

Thank You, Sergeant Curran, Our Pen-Pal –

Some of the wonderful letter’s Jennie’s class wrote to send to Sergeant Curran.

Clint, shown above reading to the wonderful kids, is the father of Sergeant Curran. The book he is reading was one of his favorites.

There is nothing like story time to connect a child to the characters and true meaning in a book.

What a wonderful true story my dear teacher friend Jennie tells here! 

The man who read the story was the father of the sergeant all the kids were writing to in the military. 

The idea that they were thanking him for protecting them is just wonderful; it really makes it very clear how connected we all are on this planet.

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Ways to help children feel good about themselves. Parents can start with simple messages throughout the morning such as…

Louise Hay says : “We need to give children ways to help themselves feel good, Parents can start with simple messages throughout the morning that children can repeat—messages such as: It’s so easy to get dressed. I love getting dressed. Breakfast is always a fun time. We’re all so glad to see each other. We love eating breakfast together. Breakfast makes my body feel good. Parents can even go around the table and have each family member share one thing they love about themselves. Or they can put affirmations in a bowl and choose one for the whole family to focus on during the day. This can become a morning ritual for couples, families, roommates, and so on. Each person can even decide on one experience they’d like to have that day and create an affirmation for.”

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