Read to your child early and teach them phonetics and how to sound out words. Encourage them! Read with them! Go to libraries.

When you reach your child with a very early age they will learn to read faster when you incorporate it with family bonding time.

When you teach your child to read you might as well have just given them the world in their hand because that’s exactly what you did! My parents taught me to read the very early age my mother Ramona and I’ll never forget it it’s a gift it is been with me will always be with me as long as I live. When you teach your child to read you’re enabling them to get better jobs, to have more confidence, be able to speak in front of crowds large or small, and you’re arming them with ammunition did they can use to open up any door life will hold and including any book on a shelf- ebook, audiobook or an ordinary book with a cover and pages.

I read all those and I always will.

Written and compiled by Paulette L. Motzko.

French impressionist book art from Pinterest.

I don’t know who the painters were but I want to find out I absolutely love them because they capture my love of books, reading and learning and living.

Your life is just more interesting when you read and you’re never bored and you’re not a boring person when you read.